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On a rainy spring night in 2015, two college buddies drank beer and played guitar outside their apartment under the shelter of a large umbrella on University Avenue. The future wasn’t clear—as it seldom is during college—but as artists, they felt like they had two options after graduating: New York City or Los Angeles. It’s almost impossible for an emerging artist to start a career in Rochester, let alone a musician. But, they decided, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Photo: UUU Art Collective

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Through Tomorrow's Lens

Rochester has a long history of optics and innovation. Luminate NY keeps that alive.

This magazine is full of stories about good things that are happening to Rochester. But I hear a lot of pessimism around the city. Unemployment and a lack of industry are common complaints, and many Rochesterians considered Kodak filing for bankruptcy to be the end of an era—the death of the Flower City’s international reputation.

But we’re witnessing a renaissance. Since 2010 the city’s unemployment rate has halved. The initiative to rejuvenate Rochester is a collective effort among every sector. And NextCorps’ program Luminate NY is part of that.

Photo: Mike Hanlon

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Petrified Beauty

Six thousand years ago, humans discovered a revolutionary process. By pouring molten metals into molds, within hours they could create tools, dishware, and jewelry that would have otherwise taken days, weeks, or months to craft. Since then, the technique has evolved from its foundation in basic ores to include all types of metals, plastics, ceramic, and glass. The process, and ways in which artists bend the rules, continues to grow every day.

Photo: Green by Katherine Rutecki

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Crafting Raptors

Meet a world-class bird carver, falconer, and all-around lover of things that fly

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The Silver Silicon Tsunami

The fastest-growing demographic of Internet users is eighty-five and older—and Daniel Jones is helping them keep up

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Plants in the Desert

ShrubBucket uproots the world of horticulture

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